(8/1-8/10) - IHS Offices Closed

Fri (8/12) - Senior Roundup - Roundup Information

Mon (8/15) - Junior Roundup - Roundup Information

Tue (8/16) - Sophomore Roundup - Roundup Information

Wed (8/17) - Freshman Roundup - Roundup Information

Thu (8/18) - Freshman and New Student Orientation hosted by Link Crew - 8am

Wed (8/24) - Classes Begin - Report to TA @ 8am

Transcript Requests


2016-17 A-Day/B-Day Calendar

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IHS Major Event Calendar and Facility Request

Note: After you click on Calendar, select category and then "Go to Calendar"

IUSD District Wide Calendar


New Student Enrollment
(Summer 2016)

Course Request Video (16-17)

Family Night Power Point Presentation - Class of 2020

Program of Studies(16-17)


Residency Verification and Affidavit Form for 2016-17 (.pdf)

Yearbook 15-16 Gradnight 2016

IHS Principal's Honor Roll - Fall 2015

IHS Student Dance / Prom Activities Contract & Guest Pass

IHS Saturday School Schedule 2015-16

IHS Student Dance/Prom Dress Code

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June 13th through July 29th
Monday – Closed
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 8am to noon

Friday – Closed

Monday August 1st – 11th – Closed

Office reopens for regular hours (7:30am – 4pm) on Friday, August 12th.


Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!  The online first day packet will open on July 18th and is mandatory for all new and returning students.  Please go to https://my.iusd.org to complete the process.  For instructions on how to complete this process please click on the IHS Roundup Information Letter link below.  This process must be completed prior to Roundup. 

IHS Roundup Information Letter


Fri. (8/12)


Mon. (8/15)


Tues. (8/16)

  A-F         9:00 – 9:30


  A-F         8:30-9:00


  A-F         8:30-9:00

  G-L         9:30 - 10:00


  G-L         9:00-9:30


  G-L         9:00-9:30

  M-R       10:00 – 10:30


  M-R       9:30-10:00


  M-R       9:30-10:00

  S-Z         10:30 – 11:30


  S-Z        10:00-11:00


  S-Z        10:00-11:00

Wed. (8/17)


Wed. (8/17)

  A-B        8:30-9:00


  L-M        1:00-1:30

  C-D        9:00-9:30


  N-R        1:30-2:00

  E-H        9:30-10:00


  S-T       2:00-2:30

  I-K        10:00-11:00


  V-Z      2:30-3:30


Summer Assignments and Activities

FYI: The following is a list of AP and Honors summer assignments, recomended assignments and other summer activities at Irvine High.

AP American Government - Information and Summer Assignment

AP Art History - email MandyTucker@iusd.org for Edmodo pass code

AP Calculus BC- Summer Assignment

AP Computer Science - No Summer Assignments

AP European History - Information and Summer Assignment

AP Language and CompositionInformation and Summer Assignment

AP Literature and Composition - Summer Assignment 

AP Macroeconomics - Information and Summer Assignment

AP Spanish - Information and Summer Assignments

AP Statistics - No Summer Assignment

AP US History - Infomation and Summer Assignment

Physics - 

Honors American Literature - (Recommended Reading, Not Required) - Edith Hamilton’s Mythology; The Bible - books Genesis, Exodus, and Matthew

Honors British Literature - Summer Assignment


Athletic Camps - Go to www.ihsathletics.org/boosters for camp schedules and coach contacts

Marching Band Camp - 

Important Information About FINAL TRANSCRIPTS for the Class of 2016

If you wish to have a final transcript sent to a college or other destination, you MUST MAKE THIS REQUEST THROUGH www.Parchment.com (also known as Parchment Exchange). Final transcripts will NOT be released via Naviance. When requesting your transcript on www.Parchment.com, please be sure to request NEXT GRADING PERIOD (final transcript). Official final transcripts will be automatically released by June17th for those students who have submitted their request through www.Parchment.com.

Please see Mrs. Natalizio in the Upstairs Office if you have any questions.

Transcript requests submitted via NAVIANCE WILL NOT BE PROCESSED!!

If you have not yet set up a Parchment account, please refer to the detailed instructions at support.parchment.com

Introduction to Naviance


Irvine High School now utilizes a web-based program called NAVIANCE FAMILY CONNECTION, sponsored by IPSF for IUSD 7-12 students and brought to you by your IHS Counseling Team. Through search tools and activities it provides support and guidance to students, families and staff to promote student achievement and post-secondary success. It is also a tool to communicate information to students.

For instructions on how to start using Naviance

click here.

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