Attendance Procedures

State regulations require that all absenses be cleared throught the Attendance Office by parents or legal guardians ONLY. Either call (949) 936-7001 on the day of the absence or send a note within 3 days of the absence. You can call the attendance line 24 hours a day. All notes have to be written in ink and signed by parent or guardian.

The note or the phone call must contain:

  • Student # (not the permanent ID #)
  • Last name (spell it if you are calling)
  • First name
  • Periods missed including TA (not the classes, but the periods)
  • Reason for the absence

PLEASE NOTE: We make every attempt to minimize the amount of classroom disruptions by not pulling students out of class for personal appointments. Please make all arrangements with your students for them to leave during breaks or lunch. Students can bring a note to the attendance window before the class stating the time they need to leave and what periods they will miss.

If your student comes to the attendance window and does not have a note and there has not been a phone call, they will be issued and "unexcused" re-admit. This is NOT a detention at this time. They have 2 days to clear the absence and after that it will become a detention and cannot be cleared.